History of The Business

In July of 1975, with little funds, modest facilities, but with a very special dream, and the confidence to embark on a completely new career, John Menard began this business firm which has grown into one of the most progressive and best know firms of Rayne.

John is the first to say he could never have achieved today’s remarkable success without the basic ingredients of success — a devoted family and the wealth of interested friends, whose continued patronage has contributed so greatly to making John Menard Tire Company what it is today.

With his dad, Joseph T. Menard, lending him full support and encouraging him to give his “dream” a try, John began his business under the tree at the home of his father.

In October of 1976 John was able to move into his first building, a 30x40 tin warehouse type structure near his home. This building provided protection from the rain and the winter months. With this added facilities, he increased his tire stock and his service area, he was able to provide the best service possible and guaranteed work for the steadily increasing flow of patrons, friends of his friends, and others.

Even with the larger areas afforded by his first building, John’s business grew so steadily that it soon became apparent he would have to begin to think of further expansion. Finally, John made the “Big Decision”. . .he must look elsewhere for space and location to better accommodate his friends and provide for them in the best possible way.

In March of 1978 his new building was completed and ready for occupancy, and John was preparing to take another beg step forward, leaving behind the scene of his early beginnings, with many thoughts of the friendships which gave him his start.

Today, the John Menard Tire Company is recognized as one of Rayne’s oldest and finest firms. John is forever grateful for the loyal support to home town business!