Do You Feel Every Hole and Pebble on the Road?

Do You Feel Every Hole and Pebble on the Road?

Let our experts check out your vehicle’s front end components

Does your vehicle sway from side to side when you drive over bumps in the road? Damage to your front end components keeps your vehicle from tracking the road correctly. That can lead to a roller coaster of a car ride. At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with John Menard Tire Company, Inc. We specialize in all types of front end repair.

Trust us to identify the issue with your vehicle and repair it correctly. We can repair a variety of vehicles, including farm equipment. If you can’t bring your farm equipment or other vehicle to us, we offer roadside assistance. Reach out to us today for a smooth ride ASAP.

We’ll get your car back in top condition

Don’t let your car’s swaying make you carsick. Our professionals offer:

  • Two- and four-wheel alignments
  • Shock or strut repairs
  • Tie rod replacements
  • Universal joint replacements
  • Bearing replacements
  • Battery replacements

Call us now at 337-334-5133 for a free estimate on our services.